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SHOTS FIRED! SHOTS FIRED! and Tactical Awareness!

Westerville, Ohio Police Officer Dave Leighty was able to stay alive because of his tactical awareness.  Check out this video.  

The complete story can be read on the Calibre Press site @ http://calibrepress.com/2015/02/traffic-stop-survival-2/

Remember these words "on any high risk call, I WILL SURVIVE".  



Is it possible to be a conservative, believe in Constitutional rights, such as the Second Amendment, and not support extremists?  Absolutely!  I bring this video to your attention as a reminder that if you wear a uniform, you are a target to extremist on either side of the polictical spectrum.

This is a video produced by the Southern Poverty Law Center on the killing of two West Memphis, Arkansas, police officers on May 20, 2010.  The suspects were a father and son team who were part of the "sovereignty movement".  They were both killed during a shootout with police later the same day.