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Here is the reality of gun control.  America is unlike any other country in the world with respect to our freedoms and like it or not, those freedoms include the 2nd Amendment.  Anyone who thinks that our government can all of a sudden outlaw guns and our country will no longer be dangerous is simply lying to themselves.  How will that work?  Will the government go door to door collecting guns?  It simply wouldn’t work.  Even if this approach had the will of the people, which it doesn’t, the only people still possessing guns would be criminals.  Anyone who thinks more restrictive gun laws will make any marked difference to gun violence is simply not looking at the facts.  Most criminals disobey the laws already on the books, what makes you think that more laws will cause them to all of a sudden become law abiding? 

The solution to this violence is to address the issue of broken and Godless people.  We each have a responsibility to intervene on a personal level with anyone who appears to be a threat to themselves or others.  I’m not talking about the government stepping in, but each of us doing our part as friends, family members and fellow human beings. 

Finally, we must recognize that each of these mass shooting events occurred in “gun free zones”; schools, churches and other places where they have specifically prohibited the lawful carrying of weapons; theaters and shopping malls.  Why do you think this is where these events happen?  It’s because the crazed madmen who carry out these murders know that they are not likely to encounter resistance in these places and seek innocent and helpless victims.  Want to limit these mass murders?  Allow those who are qualified to carry lawful weapons in all public places.  It may not stop tragedies such as those we have experienced recently but it will greatly limit their destruction.  Maybe instead of 20 killed someone may be able to stop a madman after the first victim. 

The truth is that if someone is hell bent on murder you can’t stop them, but you can limit their mayhem.   



By: David Bailey ©
January 10, 2011


It shouldn’t amaze me, but it does, that pundits and politicians will take any tragedy and try to turn it into an opportunity to bang their political drums.  The tragedy in Tucson is no exception.  It started with the Pima County Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik, when he took it upon himself to make baseless innuendos and comments during a press conference that placed the blame of this act of violence on the shoulders of “those who spew vitriol” and in a roundabout way blamed it on the citizens of the state of Arizona because, in his words, “we have become the capitol, the mecca for prejudice and bigotry”.  The word exploitation comes to mind when reliving his press conference.  The only thing that Sheriff Dupnik has proven in his baseless comments is that it is time for him to retire and be thanked for his 50 years of law enforcement service.

Everyone wants a reason why these things happen.  The fact is that there is no good reason why these things happen.  Some killers use their right wing beliefs, some killers use their left wing beliefs and most use some convoluted reasoning in their own mind as to why they commit these horrific crimes.  As soon as I read the ramblings of the killer, Jared Lee Loughner, on his Facebook and YouTube postings, I quickly made my unscientific diagnosis that he was probably schizophrenic.  Schizophrenics commonly think in a circular or spherical motion that only makes sense to them.  It is not uncommon for schizophrenia to not become apparent until the person is in their 20’s.  Nothing about the killer’s actions or words indicate that his motivations had anything to do with right wing talk show hosts or politicians.  Even though left leaning politicians and media pundits would like you to believe that this horrible, criminal, act was motivated by right wing hate, there is no evidence or proof that this is the case.  As a matter of fact, the killer listed Marx as some of his reading and a friend has indicated that he was actually quite liberal and his beliefs were quite left leaning. 

The bottom line is that we will never have a sufficient answer as to why these innocent people were killed and wounded.  No matter the killer’s reason, it will never be good enough.  Now we need to focus on healing and honoring the dead and the heroes of the moment.

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