The Idiots Guide to Law Enforcement Use of Force

There has been a lot of misinformation floating around regarding the use of TASER devices and most recently pepper spray (OC or Oleoresin Capsicum).  From the “don’t tase me bro” incident at the University of Florida in 2007 to the most recent use of pepper spray at the University of California, Davis protest in November, the general public has received a lot of misinformation about police tactics and the use of force.

Let us start with a basic overview of the general use of force progression in use in most police agencies around the country today.  In general, the use of force policy spells out the steps in the use of force and defines a hierarchy of use, without requiring that every step be used.  The use of force policy in its generic form looks something like this;

1.         Verbal commands (constructive authority)
2.         Physical manipulation (physical contact and physical force)
3.         Chemical or electronic weapons (mechanical force)
4.         Impact weapons (mechanical force)
5.         Deadly force

It is not required that an officer go through each step and may escalate over steps as the situation warrants.  For example, if a suspect is charging at the officer or another person with a knife, it is not necessary that the officer use physical or electronic force stop them.  In this case the immediate use of deadly force may be justified. 

It is easy to Monday morning quarterback a police officer’s use of force, but unless all aspects of the situation are analyzed, it is impossible for those that were not involved to make a judgment based on limited information. 

In today’s society many believe that what they see on video tells the whole story and most times it does not.  Rarely are video cameras rolling at the beginning of an incident and generally pick up after an incident has escalated.  What do you see on the news or on YouTube?  Generally, the last few, escalated, moments of a situation that has much more to the story.  Take a look at the UC Davis incident for example, did you see video on the news that showed the protestors blocking officers from leaving, protestors being verbally aggressive and being told numerous times to clear the path or they would be subject to pepper spray?  No.  What was portrayed were “peaceful” protestors being “attacked” by out of control cops, which in the end was simply not true. 

It is important that the public realize that there is a lot of training that is put into the use of force and the facts that lead up to the use of force are not always as clear as the video tape they may be viewing.  In the vast majority of use of force cases the officers were not only clearly justified, but many times had exercised extreme restraint in attempting to resolve the situation prior to it escalating to the point that citizens thought they could make a buck by videotaping the aftermath. 



A look at the UC Davis demonstration that the main stream media did not show.  Do you feel different about what you thought you knew?




At 1:10 a.m. Monday preparations were made for OBL's religious rites to be given onboard the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier in the North Arabian Sea. In accordance with Islamic practice he was washed and wrapped in a white sheet before being buried at sea at 2am Eastern.

His body was placed on board a prepared flat board and then "eased into the sea" at 2 am.

During the firefight "he did resist" he was found with one of his wives. The Bin Laden family occupied the second and third floor of the main house in the compound. Bin Laden was killed at the end of the 40 minute raid.

He was described as "living rather comfortably" in the compound.

A "volume of materials were taken from the compound and will be 'exploited

No detainees were taken onboard the helicopter that took Bin Laden's body from the compound. No detainees taken at all.

The Blackhawk helicopter went down at the beginning of the operation.

OBL was not the male combatant who used the female human shield - the individual (either his son or two of the brother couriers held the woman and fired from behind her). Defense officials said in general all of the males used women at the compound in general as human shields. One woman used as a human shield was killed.

Signed order from the President was to "kill or capture" Bin Laden. Bin Laden resisted by US officials would not say how.

No land alternative for burial - in other words "There was no country willing to take him."

The compound was 1 acre in size.

35 mile NE of Islamabad.

Opaque windows to the street.

There were 4 military age males (including Bin Laden and his son) and one woman killed during raid.

Intelligence official on Pak/ US cooperation:

"The intelligence on this compound was shared with no one outside of the U.S. government and in fact only a small group of people inside the US government were aware. The Pakistanis did not know of our interest in the compound, but they did provide us information that helped us develop a clear focus on the compound over time."

The defense official added, "It was a unilateral operation." 

OBL was verbally identified, by name, on the scene by one of his wives.

They also compared photos of him on the scene and they had 95 percent certainty it was him.

There was also DNA analysis completed this morning and they have a virtual 100 percent match based on comparisons to the DNA of family members.



It has been 2 years since this tragedy and there have been too many more cops killed in the line of duty since.  One more killed today.  This video is a tribute to all who have fallen in the line of duty.



I thought it was time to post this video again.  It seems appropriate at this time in history when some in our country would prefer that America cease to exist as a free nation with free people.

Because we are AMERICA and we have the best fighting men and women of any military in the world.  Because of those who serve, we have had no successful attacks on our homeland in ten years!

God Bless America!