David Bailey, MBA

David Bailey is a retired law enforcement officer living in Texas who has nearly 20 years of street experience. Prior to being in Texas David spent 15 years working on the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area. David has specialized training in executive security and has supported the Secret Service during local visits of President George H.W. Bush, Laura Bush and other dignitaries.

David is a TCOLE / TCLEOSE certified Police Instructor, TASER Instructor and Tactical Rifle Instructor. In addition to his instructor proficiencies, David has extensive training in drug recognition and prosecution, highway criminal interdiction, photography, interview and interrogation techniques and holds multiple degrees, including an MBA and is currently pursuing a MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management.  David is also a California certified Communications Training Officer, a "Train the Trainer" Instructor and Post Traumatic Stress Peer Counselor. David has also had the honor of training with an American hero, MSgt. Paul Howe (Delta), known for his role in the Blackhawk Down incident in Mogadishu (see photo below).

David was an early adopter of the internet and was the founder of the most popular sports memorabilia website on the internet; www.SportsMemorabilia.com, which was acquired by a New York investment group.

David is also a professional photographer, with images and stories published across the globe, including disaster images from Hurricane Katrina, breaking news, celebrity images and (his passion) motor sports coverage. David's photography can be seen at www.DavidBailey.com.  

David and other Tactical Rifle Instructors at Paul Howe's Combat Shooting and Tactics Training compound.  


 David with fellow Officers after a shift as part of the specialized Shooting Response Team.  


David guarding Marine One during a Presidential visit.  

David Bailey and MSgt. Paul Howe (Delta) during the classroom part of tactical training.